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Indoor Double Electronic Basketball Game with 4 Basketballs

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This double shot electronic basketball game will bring fun to your home. A fun game that will keep you entertained for hours. It comes with 4 rubber basketballs two hoops and an electronic scoring board. It has infrared optical sensors that provide accurate and fast scoring. With buzzers and sound effects it creates a real arcade experience. Made out of durable powder-coated steel this item is durable and sturdy. Don't hesitate to buy it!


  • Double shot electronic basketball game
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Electronic scoreboard with dual display
  • Infrared optical sensors provide accurate and fast scoring
  • Sound effects create an entertaining atmosphere and give you a real arcade experience
  • Two hoops four basketballs
  • Various games you can play such as two-point challenge three-point challenge tug of war horse checkpoint fade away side to side and tiebreaker.
  • Powder-coated steel frame easy to assemble
  • Suitable for kids and adults alike


30 Day Warranty